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Titan Vaults
Innovative, versitile and keyless!

TITAN Gun Vault, an innovative and versatile firearm safety device.

Owning a firearm is our right. But you MUST be responsible and create a place where your firearms are readily available to you, yet inaccessible to unauthorized persons. You simply can't let a loaded gun put your family or visitors and especially children in harm's way.

With the TITAN Gun Vault, you'll have ready access to your loaded firearms... AND the safety measures necessary to keep those weapons out of the hands of others.

Product Features:
Fits revolvers and pistols whose dimensions do not exceed 10" long x 6.5" high x 2.25" wide.
The vault measures 11" L x 8" W x 2˝" H, weighs 10 pounds, requires 3˝" head clearance for installation under any objects.
Securely attachable with the included brackets in your vehicle, under your bed or desk, in your closet and many other places.
Yet it is easy to mount/dismount from its mounting brackets.
Made from harden 14 GA steel.
Articulating levers move the firearm and holster up and out of the vault as you open the lid and allow you to be armed in seconds.
Extremely reliable Simplex® pushbutton locking mechanism with over 2,200 possible combinations.
No batteries requires.
California DOJ approved.
Tamper resistant, with built in clutch in the knob and operational in all weather conditions, it will not fail you when you need it.

You can install it in a variety of places:
  • Under your bed or desk
  • In your closet or vehicle
  • Boat, RV's and many other places
  • Meets TSA and airline requirements for transporting
    your gun in you checked luggage while flying.

  • When you buy this vault it will include the following:
  • Universal holster
  • 2 separate universal mounting brackets
  • All hardware bed clamp and lock arm
  • Installation and owners manual
  • Our great low price $349
    10% off = Only $314.10!!!!!

    Made in the USA!!!

    Below are some pictures of the vault shown on a display mount:

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